What are the minimum browser requirements?

Wondering if your browser is capable of handling all that Mathalicious has to offer?  Here's a quick breakdown for you.

If you use...

1) Google Chrome.  You should be all set.  Chrome auto-upgrades with each version release.  If you've disabled this auto-updating feature and want to see if you're running the latest version, Google's got some helpful documentation for you here.  

2) Mozilla Firefox.  You should also be all set.  Like Chrome, Firefox auto-upgrades.  If you've disabled this feature and want to see if you're running the latest version, you may find this page on the Mozilla website useful.

3) Safari. For best performance, we recommend you be using version 6 or above.  To check what version you're running, open up Safari and select "About Safari" in the Safari dropdown in the upper-left corner of your screen.  A small window will pop up with the version number.

Note that to run version 6 or above, you need to be running OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher.  To upgrade your operating system to the latest version (which will also upgrade Safari), Apple has all the info you need here.

4) Internet Explorer.  Mathalicious works in IE10 and above (and we're working on getting everything up and running on IE9 as well).  Having said that, Mathalicious is really best experienced in Chrome.  Or Firefox.  Or Safari.  Really, anything other than Internet Explorer.

5) Opera.  Woah.  Really?  We've never met anyone who uses Opera before, but if you do, more power to you!  You should also be set; like Chrome and Firefox, Opera auto updates.  If you want to manually upgrade your browser, open up Opera and select "Check for Updates" from the Opera dropdown.  (Though let's be honest: if you use Opera, you probably already know this.)

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